The Pinnacle Of Porsche Tinkerers

Whatever your style or desires, the decision to buy or restore a car is a serious commitment of time and capital. Porsche restoration essentially refers to taking a great classic Porsche and bringing it back to life with all (or most) of the original factory parts. The process involves repair of the visible parts (e.g., body trim, interior, etc.), as well as the parts not easily seen (e.g., electrical, suspension, brakes, etc.). The result is a beautifully preserved automobile in factory-new condition with authentic parts – just like it came off the showroom floor decades ago.

Most Porsche restorations still happen between an individual client and a Porsche specialist who tinkers away at vintage and classic Porsches in local garages around the world.

These shops don’t make Youtube or get plastered on internet or instagram so you would never know who they are. With that in mind we wanted to make sure to include a list of Porsche restoration shops that are worth talking to if you’re looking to have your Porsche restored or modified”

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